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ICNS is the voice of nonpublic education in Illinois, ensuring that policy and advocacy agencies are monitored and give a voice as funding and regulations are formulated downstate. We at ICNS are committed to continue our strong advocacy for Illinois nonpublic schools locally, in Springfield and nationally through our work with the Council of American Private Education (CAPE).


This mission is critical this year as we work to continue the Tax Credit Scholarship Program for Illinois. We cannot do this without the collective effort of nonpublic schools across the state. Membership dues are critical to our success. Nonpublic schools are politically only as strong as we are united. Our nonpublic schools need ICNS more than ever before.


ICNS Strategy – Our lobbyists are contracted to work during the Spring Session and throughout the year to promote our ICNS Agenda with state legislators, participation on the Illinois Advisory Council and representation at CAPE (Council of American Private Education) bi-annual meetings. Join today and support this effort.


Legislative Goals

  • Work to restore funding to the Textbook Block Grant, Educational Improvement and School Safety Block Grant and the Parent/Guardian Transportation Reimbursement programs.

  • Continue our efforts to support, work to protect, and improve the $100 Million Invest in Kids Act.

  • Stay well-informed of any legislation, rules or regulations associated with early childhood, elementary and high school so ICNS can react.

  • Maintain a smooth and cooperative relationship between the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and nonpublic schools to ensure an effective state recognition program for nonpublic schools.


  • Supporting the organization that supports you.

  • Password protected website updates for ICNS members only.

  • Access to governmental regulatory and nonpublic school policy updates.

  • Become an ICNS featured school.

  • Monthly ICNS News – if you are a 30 second, 3 minute or 30 minute reader, get the updates you need.

  • Stay up-to-date on ICNS news, webinars, Legislative updates and more.

  • List your school vacancies on our Job Board.

  • School resources.

Membership Fees
1 Year: $125.
2 Years: $200.

Join ICNS today and help us ensure nonpublic schools continue to have a voice in Illinois.

Contact: Judy, ICNS Membership & Communication
Email: icnsillinois@gmail.com